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Foster Kittens.

foster kitten Pom Pom

How I became the cats’ mother.

In July 2006 my friend Elly gave me a kittie money box for my birthday and I started filling it with gold coins. It took a while, but one year later it was full and I thought “I don’t actually need the money” and thought again of the friend who gave it to me. Elly had a beloved pussycat named BB who had passed away a year or so prior and he was always at Lort Smith having his battle wounds attended to. Bing! Idea bubble. For my birthday I would give Lort Smith the money in honour of BB and my beloved departed pussycat, Smoggy.

On July 15, 2007 my friend and I went into Lort Smith. It seemed busy for a Sunday but we waited in the queue, looking at all the patient pooches and pussycats. We made it to the head of the queue and made a $100 donation and the receptionist was so grateful, I guess it was an unexpected surprise. I received in the mail a thank you note and a copy of the latest newsletter and in it I found the answer I had been looking for: an article for “foster carers needed”. No one kittie could ever replace Smoggy so why even try? Fostering was the way to go so I filled out all the paper work and January 2008 my first foster kitties arrived.


  • 2008 26 kittens and pussycats were fostered.
  • 2009 33 kittens and pussycats were fostered.
  • 2010 16 kittens and pussycats were fostered.
  • 2011 Unfortunately in hiatus this year.
  • 2012 Unfortunately in hiatus this year.
  • 2013 Unfortunately in hiatus this year.
  • 2014 Regretfully retired until circumstances change.

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