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We find happy clients are the best advertisement.

Faster Pussycat Productions has relied on word-of-mouth advertising for as long as we’ve been in business. It’s something that only comes from hard work, faster turnaround, great prices and personal service and that is why, over the years, we have acquired a long list of loyal, repeat customers.

Faster Pussycat Productions’ 2014 clients:

  • Antaeus Flowers | Florist
  • Australian Breastfeeding Association | Organisation
  • Canberra Skeptics | Community group
  • FlexPack | Business
  • GPS Group | Global Printing Solutions Group
  • High Wire Films | Television Production Company
  • Hips4Hipsters | A Pozible Project
  • Indian Film Festival of Melbourne | Event
  • Disability Media Australia | Media Production Company
  • Sue Parkes | Fundraising and Communications
  • Television commercials |
    • Libra
  • Television productions |
    • ABC: Please Like Me, series 2
    • ABC: It’s a Date, series 2

This month’s featured client.

Hips 4 Hipsters

A conversation that grew legs

Sometimes a project almost feels so obvious that it was just waiting to come to life. That’s how the Hips 4 Hipsters project evolved. One minute an unexpected compliment lead to a conversation about FPP work; the next... the project is quoted, approved then finished with break-neck speed.

The Hips 4 Hipsters project is the brain child of Dr Melanie Thomson, an Infectious Disease Researcher at Deakin University in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Her brief was to create a logo to help finance the project, which was the fun part however the finer details of what the project was about, were a little more serious; basically to help an ageing population by developing treatments for bacterial infections due to implant infections.

Faster Pussycat Productions has proudly designed the logo for the Hips 4 Hipsters project, which has been both very cool and rewarding to see it come to life via an animation create by the clever team at Bridge8 in Adelaide.

Please visit the Hips 4 Hipsters Pozible page and pledging your support if you are able... won’t someone think of the hipsters?

The Hips 4 Hipsters logo

Project spotlight.

Skeptical Blog Anthology

A little book of big blog posts

The Skeptical Blog Anthology is a collection of reader-nominated blog posts, representing the best of a new wave of online skepticism. Collected over a year, it features a plethora of posts on topics ranging from the vaccination debate, paranormal claims, the ongoing creep of creationism into politics and education, conspiracy theories, homeopathy, outreach, all kinds of alternative medicine and even attempts to tackle the question “What is skepticism?”.

Available to purchase via the as either a beautiful, tangible hard copy book or as a snazzy modern day digital pdf. Please support this brilliant project.

skeptical blog anthology image